The Fine Print


You will receive the option to obtain one Free Domain for one year ($20 maximum) with your WebPaxPlus package. After one year you will be charged separately for your domain name. If you already own your domain name, you will continue to pay for that name with the service where you acquired it.

Domain fees vary. Most domain names can be purchased under $20.


If you choose to host your new website on our dedicated server, you will receive Free Hosting for your first year. After one year, hosting fees will be charged to your account for the coming year. If you already have a hosting package, we do not charge hosting fees if we build your new website on your server. 

Hosting Fees:  $10/month or $120/annually


Three Months of Free Maintenance & SiteLock Security* is included in your WebPaxPlus custom website package. After three months, regular maintenance fees will apply. Maintenance fees will be negotiated with each package. Monthly maintenance includes software updates, component updates, backups and security scans. The fee is based on the complexity of your website. Maintenance fees do not include other updates to your website.


SSL CERTIFICATES: SSL Certificates are renewed annually. The cost is $20 - $200 per year, depending on the level of security you require. Your visitors and customers have greater confidence in SSL encrypted websites.

*SITELOCK SECURITY: $2.00/month. SiteLock is the easiest way to protect your website (monthly on-demand scans). Protects your website and its visitors from hackers, identity theft, malware and more. Stay online and off blacklists. Build customer trust and increase sales.