Getting Your New Website Online

We aim to keep things simple for our clients by making the process of getting your site online easy and efficient. Here are our 10 steps to getting your new website online.

  1. Contact WebPaxPlus to set up your website package. If you are not certain of which package best suits your needs, we can guide you. We will discuss your needs and establish a plan.
  2. You will receive a quote from WebPaxPlus. After details are refined and an agreement is made, we will send you a contract to sign along with an invoice. You will be directed how to pay for your website package. Installment payments* may be arranged based on which package you choose.
  3. A client account is set up to allow you access to our Client Portal where you can upload content and make payments.
  4. Once payment and the signed contract is received by WebPaxPlus, the process of building your website begins.
  5. Set up a new URL (website address) if needed. Set up email addresses if needed.
  6. We discuss content and design via phone or in person, if you are a local client.
  7. Information about your company, logos, photography, graphics, links to videos or social media accounts will be provided by you to WebPaxPlus. You can upload content via our website, send by email, place in a Dropbox or send by regular mail. All photos and graphics must be digital unless otherwise agreed upon. Information about your company may be provided from an existing website, a printed brochure, a pdf or word document that you provide. This may not apply if you contracted us to write content, provide photography, or design a logo for your website.
  8. The initial stage of the website design begins. After the overall structure and design is established, you will be sent a link to review the beta site. Once approval is given at this stage, we will proceed with adding the remainder of the content and functionality. If a payment plan is established*, the second payment needs to be made before we proceed.
  9. Second review of the website. Proofing content and testing forms and links is performed by client. Any fine-tuning, additional content or added functionality is completed. Additional fees may apply if any new work** is requested.
  10. Final payment, if applicable, is made prior to site launch. Site is launched, added to Google search or other search engines if included in the package or stated in your contract.

If you have an existing website, we will need access to your hosting account in order to set up your new website.

* Payment plans are not available with the Starter Package.

** New work includes any work that is not included in the package or stated in the initial contract.